I hope that you have had a great holiday season. The holiday season here at African Leadership Refugee Ministry was filled with joyous moments and unforgettable memories were created and we are forever grateful for those that participated. This holiday season over 500 Christmas presents were distributed to different African Refugee individuals and families, regardless how cold the days were, it was truly a joy filled holiday season.

On top of presents, something extra cool took place at our training center on the eve of Christmas! Santa came to visit with the refugee children. This is a moment that I don't think I would do justice if I try to explain how joyous it was to see the children's eyes light up when Santa came to the center. It was absolutely amazing. It is still the talk of the town. We are forever grateful to Josephine and John Darwin for organizing the event.

Our after school program is starting back this week, our tutoring will start tomorrow at our regular hours 3:30pm-5:30pm if schools don't close due to the cold weather.

Stay tuned for an update on this year's programs.