This week ...

The rain today is absolutely unmistakable! It's very dark, and here at the refugee center, children's laugther is filling all the rooms of this house. This week is the last week of our after school program before the Christmas festivities start. The children are out of school next Wednesday for Christmas break and most of our students volunteers are preparing their end of semester exams. SO NO TUTORING NEXT WEEK, TUES 12/15th THROUGH MON 01/04th.

This semester has been amazing, not only have we had a great success with the refugee children's school success, our volunteers have been great anchors for this program and they are absolutely the reason for the success of this program, we definitely couldn't have done it without you. We are looking forward to having you again next semester, there will be a lot of many exciting opportunities for you to keep providing for the communities that we serve.

On the more exciting note, this year's Christmas' Eve Santa is paying a visit to the refugee children in Richland Hills. Look forward to seeing pictures from this awaited event.