We hope that each and everyone of you is enjoying this holidays season regardless the harshness of these cold days. We also hope that everyone enjoyed a great thanksgiving with their families and friends. On Sunday, November 22nd, 2009. Our friends from Midtown Church, made it a special day by sharing the joys of thanksgiving with the refugee community here in Nashville. There were plenty of Turkey to the point where families got to enjoy them later on during the week in their homes. We are very thankful to West End Community Church for letting us use their facilities. It was an afternoon of great celebration with 150 African refugees in attendance from all different countries of Africa; Burundi, Congo, Somalia, Eritrea and Ethiopia.

In this Holiday season, we would like to take a moment and be thankful to our good God for everything that he has done for this ministry. We'll be celebrating our 10th Year of serving African Refugees here in Nashville this coming spring, another great reminder of what God has done for us and how good he's been to us.

For everyone that dedicated their time and talent to this ministry, we are forever grateful, you have impacted so many different lives even though they might not be able to tell you so themselves. You have been a light in to so many African immigrants and refugees here in Middle TN, we are very thankful for your help and we hope that we'll continue working with you in serving this population.