V.B.S Summer 2010: Thanks to Crosspoint Church

The refugee communities of Richland Hills, Timberwood, Cumberland, and Shelby came together for Vacation Bible School with Cross Point Church last week. Children ages 3 to 17 took part in the festivities, and there were great activities for each age group. Each evening was filled with laughter and learning, as the games, arts and crafts, and dancing created a fun, friendly environment. The energy of the Cross Point members was evident, and it really set the tone for an exciting week. Each night began with a funny, interactive skit by the members of Cross Point. After that, the children split up into their groups and alternated between the different activities. Some of their favorite activities included soccer, volleyball, and singing. The main message of the week concerned Everlasting Love and how in spite of our sins, God loves all his children with all his heart. It was very neat to hear the childrens’ thoughts and responses to the passages we read.  One of their favorite passages was the parable in which the two sons inherited their father’s fortune, but one of the sons wasted his fortune right after receiving it.  Even though the wasteful and extravagant son sinned, his father rejoiced when he returned and God still loved him with Everlasting Love. After each group finished every station, we reconvened for music and singing.  The final night concluded with a guitar/singing performance by Isaie, in which he asked us to pray for those living in Africa so that they, too, might live like we do. The children and volunteers both really enjoyed this fun week of Vacation Bible School. We look forward to VBS next summer!