The harshness of winter is hopefully almost over, and we can barely wait for the spring to come along! This weekend was extremely cold without any snow, so I hope that you all kept warm and are still keeping warm. And enjoying the fact that kids are back in school:)
There are quite a few things that I would like to keep you updated on, we have new families that you might or might not know of. Some are as new as last week and others are as knew as last month and this past December. Our ministry is meeting overwhelming challenges as these people are being located here yet the economy is not improving at all, so it's not easy for them nor is it easy for us. If you would happen to have any clothes for 4-6 year old girls and 2-4 year old boys, we would gladly accept the donation as most of our new families have young children and this weather is not being too kind to them. They are in need of warm coats, jackets for both children and adults as well. And if you have warm bedding that you are not using and are willing to donate, these families will be incredibly grateful for them. If you would like to donate please contact William Mwizerwa at

On the side of our volunteers, we keep on being blessed by incredible people who are willing to give of their time and talents to invest in the people we are serving and for that we are forever grateful because none of it would have been possible without your help. So thank you very much for all that you do. I can gladly report that you make an incredible difference in these children's lives especially when you look at this semester's grade report cards, you'll be amazed by the improvements they are making.

If you haven't visited our new website please do, learn more of what we do and spread the word as well. Please keep reading our blog posts, sign up to be a follower and invite your friends as well. Our announcements will be posted on the blog for future reference, visit the blog for what's going on and other different opportunities you can participate in.

Also, as we are trying to expand our services and improve our after school program, we are starting to look into some grant opportunities. If you know some grants that we might qualify for or know an experienced grant writer please do not hesitate to let us know. In line with grant opportunities, we'll start requiring the amount of hours you donate to us, so please every time you come in look at our volunteer board located in the kitchen and get a sign up sheet for that day! This will help us be able to justify the amount of volunteered hours.

Thanks again for everything you do.