Summer 2009 Recap!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has made this summer one of the most memorable summers for those that we serve. It has been a summer of perfect weather to begin with, a summer filled with love and joy to the communities that we serve.

This summer we had several activities take place, none of these activities would have been possible without the help of several individuals and several different churches that supported our programs.

We would love to give special thanks to Annie and Rachel for their undying contribution and organization of the VBS this summer. Our summer VBS was attended by 45 African refugee children. It was a great joy! We are very thankful to Dave Barnes who led the music potion of our VBS. We would also like to thank Josephine and John who attributed to the unforgettable memories by organizing a swimming party for the African refugee kids. It was definitely an afternoon to remember.
We would also love to thank for following churches for their support and willingness to serve those in their backyard.

New Wilmington Presbyterian Church of PA
:Mission trips don't always have to be across the oceans or across the boarders, sometimes they can just be in your backyard! This is what the youth group of Wilmington Presbyterian Church did. They came and spent a week serving the African refugees in our midst. They helped with the VBS and the summer camp.

Covenant Presbyterian Church: The youth at Covenant Presbyterian church have been volunteering with our ministry since last spring. This summer they sponsored the summer camp and even took three of our high schoolers to their youth retreat in Florida. The African Youth rejoiced over the opportunity of being able to travel but most of all, the opportunity of seeing an ocean for the first time in their lives. It was an unforgettable experience for them.

First Presbyterian Church Shakopee of MN
: This was the second mission group this summer, our third group this year. It was a great pleasure to have them with us as they helped launch the Summer academy. Their youth group did other projects in the mornings but spent the afternoons tutoring the Burundi refugees in West Nashville. Their last day of the trip, they made dinner for all the children and had a communion time of sharing a meal together.

Cumberland Church: Cumberland Church joined us this summer for the first time. They provided the African refugee school age children with school materials at the beginning of this school year.

First Presbyterian Church of Nashville
: Our long time friends have been a great anchor for this ministry. FPC have supported this ministry from the very beginning and they are still supporting us and we couldn't be more thankful. Some of the FPC youth group joined us and volunteered to help with the VBS this summer.

Grace Presbyterian Church
: Grace Presbyterian church sponsored and provided volunteers for our VBS this summer.

West End Community Church - TN
Park Avenue Baptist Church - TN
Cross Point Church - TN