In Need of Your Prayers

This past year has been a year full of trials and blessings for our ministry and for those that we serve as well.
Phinias Nyabyenda is one of the young men that were blessed by being settled here in Nashville in 2007. Phinias and his family had been living in the refugee camp in Tanzania, he is just 19 years old. This past fall, Phinias was diagnosed with cancer in his hip. In the beginning, he complained of back pain and he was treated for back problems at SILOAM health clinic. After a few treatments, they realized that it was more than the back, because the pain was just getting worse with time. One day on a friday evening in September, this young man ended up in the emergency at Vanderbilt hospital, the pain was too much for him, he couldn't take it anymore. That weekend, Phinias was diagnosed with Cancer.
Phinia Nyabyenda moved here to Nashville from a refugee camp in Tanzania the summer of 2007. He is here with his family; his parents and 4 siblings. There are a few siblings that were left behind but this family was happy to  start a different life. As Phinias was turning 18 years old before school started, he did not get a chance to go to high school so he took on a job to help his family. His younger sister however, got a chance to attend high school, she is currently in 10th grade and one of the sweetest souls I have ever met.
Phinias has undergone Chemotherapy and Radiation but none of these treatments seem to help with the cancer. At the moment the doctors are still evaluating their options and what the next move ought to be. Saying that his family is overwhelmed with what's going on will be an understatement, they are more than overwhelmed. By the grace of God, we have been blessed with amazing volunteers that have been helping with the doctor's visits and the hospital trips, and for this we are forever grateful for them and their families.
Please keep Phinias in your prayers as you remember him, I'll keep updating you on how he is doing.