This week at RTC!

After the great tragedy that befell this community, it seems like everyone is starting to recover slowly by slowly. Please keep the family in your prayers as they are going through many different things and many different emotions.

This week has been a week of freezing cold weather but it seems like we all survived. Am praying that none of the kids get sick because then we all get sick :) Alot has happened this week, we have gained a new group of volunteers from Covenant Presbyterian Church, their youth group will be volunteering with us on Thursdays. We also had a group of senior girls from Brentwood Academy come help us clean the RTC (Refugee Training Center) this past Friday. This was for their service day which is done once a semester and this was their second time, they were with us this past fall and we enjoyed having them back.

Our After school program picked up after the holidays with 25 children attending daily. It has been a great experience and we hope to get more volunteers involved as we are absolutely short of volunteers.
Our ESL Classes picked up as well after the holidays, and we have gained new classes as well. Our first class at Baptist Church on Charlotte pike started as well and the attendance was great.
There is also one more ESL class starting this coming week at Christ Church on Old Hickory, this class will be taking place on Mondays and Wednesdays 6:30pm-8:00pm

Have a blessed week my friends.