Spring Break at the RTC!

I hope that the first day of spring finds you in good health.  I am very ready for the weather to start warming up and to see the flowers blooming and the harshness of winter fading day by day.

This past week, we had the privilege of having a mission team of young adults from Mississippi join us for spring break. The team drove in Thursday night and left on Tuesday afternoon, it was a few days of great fun and great fellowship with the refugee families in West Nashville. Several projects were accomplished by this group of 17 young adults, we cleaned and painted a few houses for the refugee families, they prayed with the families and got to hear their stories as well. And of course we had to curve in time for arts and crafts with the children, who enjoyed working alongside the team. It was a very fascinating week, most of the children saw people painting for the first time, of course they had to join in and let's just say that some of their clothes and body parts were a little bit stained with paint! 
On Saturday evening, each member of the team spent time with a refugee family and had dinner with them and it was an amazing experience for both sides, and the team members have amazing stories to tell ... Katie Kyle wins the award of the most amazing dinner story. (You'll get to ready these stories soon). The team also got a chance to pray with Phineas and his family the whole day on saturday, it was an amazing experience.

For the rest of the spring break, we are taking it slow, just spending time with the children and trying to get them ready for the next half of the semester.

Keep Phinias and his family in your prayers.

Where did she go?

I am sorry that I haven't updated the blog in a long time. I lost track and before I knew it february was over and we are desperately waiting for the spring to warm us up again!
Alot of things has been going on here with our ministry, I would like to give you an update on several programs starting with an update on our friend Phinias.

Phinias underwent surgery after two radiation treatment, his pain was too much for him to handle because the cancelous tumor was enlarging and almost attacking his spine. So the surgery was to maintain the spread and to make sure that it doesn't do any damage to his nerves. After his surgery, Phinias had a few complications with some infections that has taken a while to get out of his system. Phinias should be released from the hospital today or tomorrow, please keep him and his family in your prayers.

In the Fall of 2008, First Presbyterian Church started an ESL program that catered to African refugees. It was a great moment of witness for both the refugees and the tutors. The children absolutely enjoyed being a part of the choir eventhough they were not used to the songs that they were learning. The families learned a lot, and got a different view of the christian community. This class has come to an end, it was a sad evening full of tears and shared memories. 

Our after school program is still moving, and it's almost spring break, the students can't wait and neither can we! It's time to take a little break from the math and geography and kick the ball around a little bit. If you are on spring break and staying around come and join us in the afternoons as we'll be enjoying afternoons of soccer and other outside activities. The spring break is March 16th - March 21st.
This spring break, we have the privilege of having a mission team from Mississippi join us for a few days. It will be a week of great fun and service to the community.

Come join us for your spring break!