This blog might be a few days overdue, 18 days to be exact but none the less, Happy New Year :)

This year started with a lot of blessings for our ministry, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all those that support our ministry financially this past year of 2010. It was not the easiest year to survive as a non-profit, but we are glad that we serve a living God who is in charge of every aspect of our ministry including finances. It's a great relief to know that we can rely on him.

On Sunday, January 9th, We experienced one of the most important day in history here in Nashville. The hundreds of Sudanese resettled here in Nashville gathered the whole day to vote for the referendum that would make Southern Sudan it's own government. We pray that this referendum will bring stability to the region of Southern Sudan and tranquility to the Christian church in that region as it has endured so many years of persecution caused by the Muslim government in the Northern region of the country.
Today was the successful completion of the referendum votes and we'll wait to hear the results.
It was a celebration for many Sudanese from the south all over the world

They all turned out to vote for the independence of the Southern region of Sudan

The Sudanese in Nashville turned out to vote at the Lost Boys gallery in downtown Nashville