Summer 2009 Calendar!

Join us this summer for a chance to serve the kingdom and the African community here in Nashville. Here is our calendar of events. If you would like more details please email our volunteer coordinator Aimee Abizera at
We are looking forward to having you with us this summer.

May 2009:
*May 14th, 2009 > Aimee on Vacation for two weeks
*May 15th, 2009 > End of after school tutoring.

June 2009:
*June 8th-11th, 2009 > VBS preparation week with Volunteer meeting. Specific date to be announced.
*June 15th-19th, 2009 > VBS for Refugee Children 1:00pm-4:00pm (If you wish to volunteer, you can just do one day or the whole week depending on your availability)
*June 20th, 2009 > Pool Party for refugee children (date subject to change)
*June 22nd -July 3rd, 2009 > Summer camp for Refugee Children 

July 2009:
*July 5th - 10th > A little break
*July 13th - July 31st > Summer Academy ( to help children prepare for the fall start)

August 2009:
*August 1st, 2009 > Volunteer Luncheon
* August 8th, 2009 > Back to school Picnic (If you would love to donate school materials it will be appreciated)
*August 14th, 2009 > First day of school for Davidson County Metro schools
* August 17th, 2009 > Fall semester After school program starts (Daily schedule to be announced)