Refugee Ministry Services

The mission of the African Leadership Refugee Ministry is to give biblical hope and healing to African Refugees in our midst.
Since 2001, the Refugee Ministry has welcomed and provided assistance to hundreds of refugees' families and individuals as they
arrive and resettle in the Middle Tennessee. The services provided include: Education, Spiritual Empowerement, Refugee Assistance,
and immigration assistance.

ESL ( Language as a Second Language):
Most of the refugees settled here in the U.S do not speak english. Our first priority is to equip them with the english language.
So we provide ESL classes to help these families and individuals survive in their new homeland.
After-School Program:
This program aims to help the refugee youth attending school here in the Middle Tennessee.
These children attend public schools in their area. the goal of this program is to help them attain the standard level
required by their school which at times can be hard because of the language problem. This program started November 2007
and has been very successful. This program takes place Mondays-Thursdays 3:00pm-5:30pm. If you would love
to volunteer with us please call Aimee Abizera at 615-477-0639.
Life Skills Training:
Most of the skills that most people in the western countries take for granted can be a bit challenging for refugees,
i.e opening a bank account. The refugees need to learn the basic life skills needed to survive in America including:
shopping, cleaning, driving, learning how to use the household equipments, etc.

Refugee Assistance:
African Leadership Refugee Ministry assists families in paying medical bills in emergency situations. We assist new families
financially to meet the basic needs before the families start working; and this includes paying at least one month's rent
and buying school supplies for the children.

If you would like to donate to this ministry please send your checks to:
African Leadership
Refugee Ministry
P.O.Box 682444
Franklin, TN 37068
or visit our website: